Fixing a Bootlooping Nexus 5x by Freezing It

4 minute read Published:

A friend brought me an LG Nexus 5X which wouldn’t power up anymore, after a hard shock (a fall). A symptom being “the Google logo appearing over and over again until it ran out of battery”. Apparently the owner took it to service before, regarding the issue, but “reflashing didn’t work”.

As an owner of a Nexus 5X, I took the matter in my own hands (a.k.a. searching the interwebs - ahem, XDA - for fixes).

What I was dealing with:

  • Bootloop - nothing more past the Google logo
  • Wouldn’t stay powered off while charging - plug in, bootloop occurs; not an issue, but makes the charging take longer
  • Able to access the bootloader menu - useful for powering off, no recovery access available