Catching Multiple SIGINTs in Go - Confirming if You Really Want to Quit

3 minute read Published:

Many times, you find yourself in a situation where you have to wait for a long task to complete, maybe little to no output available, and you end up hitting that Ctrl-C, pushing a SIGINT into the CLI software.

And it quits.

Without outputting whatever you needed or even printing a little progress. And it’s a little frustrating, even though it’s probably working as expected, taking what SIGINT does in consideration.

So, how do we introduce a classic “do you really want to exit?” confirmation in a Go CLI software?

Writing a Simple SSH brute-forcer in Go

7 minute read Published:


I’ll just start this post with stating that I’m not doing this with malicious intents, nor am I going to use this for other purposes than learning, or advise using this on servers others than your own. That being said, let’s get down to business.

Why an SSH brute-forcer?

Because too many people are still using password authentication with weak passwords. There are still many servers with sshd open with the default port exposed to internet, using accounts with weak passwords. Have a RaspberryPi? Put it on the Internet! Just take a look over Shodan’s raspbian with port 22 query. It’s crazy. We’re kinda fighting fire with fire.