I am a student, web & software developer, Gopher, {anti,}security enthusiast, and Linux/Unix user.


I’m an avid user of the GNU/Linux/Unix environment, my journey starting around the year 2008, with no programming or scripting background. Since then, I’ve thoroughly used more than 10 distributions on more than 6 distro families.


I’m currently working as a software developer, focused on CLI apps & back-end development, using the following languages, among other scripting and programming languages, and various technologies:

I have also done some in-house sysadmin work on Debian based systems, along playing and experimenting a lot on own machines.

Skills include, but are not limited to: HTML, (S)CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, jQuery, Node.js, JSON, PHP, Laravel, MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Go, Linux, web scraping.

The blog’s content

The blog posts will contain a variety of topics, from music videos links to code snippets, from ideas and projects to some kind of research, malware findings, etc. Hope you’ll find it enjoyable.

If anything looks promising to you, you can always hire me.